Nowata Food Services Department

The District strives to ensure that the meals provided to students are accessible to all students, appealing and attractive to children, and are served in a clean, pleasant setting. Meals will meet or exceed all current nutrition requirements established by local, state, and federal statutes and regulations.

The Nowata Food Services Department promotes healthy food and beverage choices by:

  • Displaying whole fruit options in attractive bowls or baskets
  • Making sliced or cut fruit available daily
  • Displaying fruit options within students' reach and/or line of sight
  • Creatively naming veggie options
  • Training servers to politely prompt students to select and consume the daily vegetable options with their meal
  • Placing white milk in front of other beverage options in the coolers
  • Highlighting alternative entree options (e.g. salad bar, yogurt parfaits, etc.) on signs within all service areas
  • Creating a reimbursable meal in all service areas
  • Displaying student artwork in the service and/or dining areas
  • Marketing menu options through daily PA announcements

Good nutrition will be encouraged throughout the school day using evidence-based techniques, including creative marketing for nutritious food choices. This will create a food environment that encourages healthy eating and participation in school meal programs. Wellness committee employees and child nutrition workers will regularly consult federal and state regulations for current tips and resources to implement these requirements. 

In addition, Nowata strives to encourage active lifestyles and exercise by involving all students in either recess or physical education classes daily.