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In an effort to keep all students safe and prevent blocking city streets, Nowata Public School and the Nowata City Police Deprtment have implemented some changes to our drop-off and pick-up procedures.  We appreciate our parents and community working with us for the safety of ALL students.

Elementary students should be dropped off in the car lanes each morning and afternoon.  Cars will need to enter the elementary circle drive off of Simpson Street and exit by turning right on Osage.  We are in the process of putting up NO PARKING signs along Simpson and Osage.  Cars should never be left unattended.  We know there are times when there is a line of traffic waiting to drop-off or pick-up; however, we have the system organized and if everyone can follow the procedures, the lines move quickly.  Please DO NOT drop your children off on Osage or Simpson.  We have had a few near misses of students almost being hit because they were crossing traffic in areas they should not be walking!  Again, our goal is to keep all students safe while we maintain an orderly pick-up/drop-off procedure.

Middle school students should be dropped off in front of the middle school.  When dropping a student off, the car should be in the South lane so students DO NOT have to cross in front of oncoming traffic.

High School students that are being dropped off in the circle drive should enter at the East entrance nd exit out the West drive.  Please remind your high school students to use the designated crosswalk when crossing Ross Street between the student parking lots and the high school building.

We look forward to a great 2014-2015 school year!  Thanks for sharing your children with Nowata Public Schools.

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