Coronavirus Update

Nowata Public Schools Patrons:

Although we have made no decisions at this point regarding the Coronavirus, we wanted to make you aware that we are following the situation.  We are getting daily updates from the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, the State Department of Education, as well as our local authorities regarding major announcements from the state and federal authoritie’s opinions on policy matters if school were to be interrupted, and ideas on how to continue providing a quality education if interruption is necessary. We will continue to monitor the situation over spring break as well.

While our students are out for break, the buildings will be cleaned and sanitized. We will take the precautions that are available to us in an effort to avoid having to interrupt the school year.

Although it is not our expectation, internally we have communicated with our teaching staff as to what continuing the educational process without students in our classrooms might look like.  Again, this would be a last resort solution.

Our decision making process will be based on the most recent, accurate and relevant information made available to us form state and local authorities.  Any decision made will have the concern for our staff and students at the forefront.

Nowata Public Schools Administrative Team