Glenn C. Moore Elementary Distance Learning

If you did not receive your Elementary 5-Week Distance Learning Packet during the pick-up/delivery times. The packets are at the Superintendent's office lobby. You may buzz the door. The secretary will let you in and your student's packet is sitting along the north wall. The packets are in a box labeled with the student's grade, the packet has their name. 

The office lobby is open from 9-12, the ladies do leave and help with lunch pick-up from 10:30 to 11:30 and will not be able to let you into the lobby at this time

. ***You do not need to go into the actual office, only the lobby, the office DOES NOT have any information and are only a pick-up spot. We want to keep them safe.****

If you have any issues, I am working mainly from home now. Please call me or email me. I will get any problem taken care of for you. Thank you.

My contact information: email:

 phone: 918-273-0771 LEAVE A MESSAGE (I have my messages rolled over to my email and will call you back.) 

cell phone: 918-397-5734