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HELP US FIND THE NEXT GENERATION OF GAME CHANGERS! Each year, the OERB awards up to $500,000 to students majoring in petroleum-related fields at the University of Oklahoma (OU), the University of Tulsa (TU), Oklahoma State University (OSU) and Oklahoma City University (OCU). This includes incoming freshmen. Each OERB Petroleum Scholar has the opportunity to be awarded up to $17,500 in scholarships throughout their college career.

  • Freshman- $2,000
  • Sophomore- $3,000
  • Junior- $5,000
  • Senior- $7,500

Please join me in helping your high school seniors get the money they need to JUMP-START THEIR FUTURE by encouraging them to apply today at! The 2022-2023 application is open until March 1st, 2022 and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Last year more than 50% of students that applied were awarded scholarships! OERB's scholarships are sponsored by the 2,500+ producers and thousands of royalty owners in Oklahoma. The industry directly employs 140,000 Oklahomans and has an average salary of $104,000. The next generation of oil and natural gas professionals will continue to help produce the resources that fuel our modern world while finding new ways to reduce the environmental footprint.